Maligne Lake Canoe Trip

Maligne Lake by Canoe

Exploring a new area can be done in so many ways and while we highly recommend doing it by campervan - there are also some benefits to adding some backcountry ...
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North Campervans Campervan and Rooftop Tent Rentals Calgary

Travel Considerations for the 2021 Season

Anyone else getting through lockdowns by daydreaming about where they’re going to travel when things open back up?? If a roadtrip in Canada by campervan or a van with a ...
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Campervan Roadtrip

Covid-19 Update

Update - 2020-06-22 Well it is the end of June and we are fully operational with social distancing, hand sanitizer and disinfecting protocols in place! Provincial and National Parks are ...
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Travel Ideas
Campsite Options

Camping in Western Canada!

When road tripping by campervan (especially one from North Campervans ;)), you have an abundance of options for location and/or style of campsite  due to them being compact with a ...
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Travel Ideas

Rainy Day Activities for Your Road Trip

Rain and road trips with a compact campervan - some would say they don't mix. But they actually can have some awesome aspects to them (think – less crowds, greater ...
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Travel Ideas
Halcyon Hot Springs aka Campervan Rental Shower

Some “Hot” Hot Springs for Your Campervan Roadtrip!

Travelling by campervan can be cozy and convenient but it can also come with some challenges – especially if you’re trying to camp for free or the weather is proving ...
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